Michael Tizzano


My entire being, from earliest childhood to the present, has been literally consumed with a wonderment and subsequent creation of my visual surroundings. A love and fascination of the human form has presented itself throughout my work from the earliest crudely drawn crayon images, to my present day work in clay and bronze. I find that the true purpose for my time on this earth has been to share with others one person's love of the beauty that surrounds all of us, and to encourage viewers to stop and share for a moment this experience with me.

I create my sculptures as "poetry without words"; expression of quiet peacefulness, inner reflection, or as simply a "joy of life". Children and dancers, as subject matter, are commonly found in my work, always providing for me endless inspiration to express myself. The simple, primal engagement of hands in earth clay, coupled with a vision that I hope will uplift those around me, is all that I desire to do. If reaching the emotions and the soul of even one other person results, then I have been successful. This is my journey.


2014 "Artist-in-Residence" High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

2012 "Sculpture Exhibit", Gateway Arts Council. Sidney Ohio

2011 "Yan Sun and Michael Tizzano: Color and Form", Brandt - Roberts Gallery. Columbus Ohio

2010 "New Building, New Work", McConnell Art Center, Worthington, Ohio

2009 "Autumn Joy", High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

2008 "Northwest Arts Partners" Concourse Gallery, Upper Arlington, Ohio

2007 "The Bare Essentials: Studies of the Human Form" High Road Gallery, Worthington Ohio, Juried

2007 "Donnely, Tizzano, Stahl," Shremshock Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

2007 "The Clay Cup Gallery", Lithopolis, Ohio

2007 "Angela Gelasi, Michael Tizzano," North Main Gallery, Mt Vernon, Ohio

2005 "A Tapestry of Talent: Teachers as Artists," David Myers Gallery, Westerville, Ohio

2004 "Worthington Area Art League: A Body of Works," High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

2002 "Worthington Area Art League, with Guest Artist Michael Tizzano," High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio

2002 "Ohio Designer Craftsman Gallery", Columbus, Ohio

2002 "Eclectic Framing and Art", Columbus, Ohio

1997 "Goodman Gallery", The Continent, Columbus, Ohio

1986 "Masters Thesis Exhibition", One Man Show, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

1984 "St. Albans Art League", St. Albans, Vermont


2012 2014 "Daily Chores," Life-Sized Bronze Fountain, Dublin, Ohio.

2012 "Kayla Reading", Blendon Middle School Media Center, Westerville, Ohio

2005-2008 "The Chase", youth soccer sculpture, Westerville Parks and Recreation and the City of Westerville, Ohio.

2005 "The Ray Children," Dr. David Ray, Westerville, Ohio

2004 "Duck, Duck, Goose," Alpine Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio

2003 "Laura," Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Montera, New Albany, Ohio

2003, 2002, 2001 Ohio Dance Festival Annual Awards, Columbus, Ohio

2003 "Carolyn Trinter Memorial", Alpine Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio

2000 "The Student", Dance Award, Generations Performing Arts Center, Westerville, Ohio

1999 "Young Girl Reading", Heritage Middle School, Westerville, Ohio

1996 "Jennifer", Mrs. Ann Hartman, Dublin, Ohio

1990 "Robbie and Jason", Mrs. Helen Cain Jackson, Columbus, Ohio


July 2005 Richard MacDonald Master's Workshop, Monterey, California

1993-1994 The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Post-graduate Studies in Architecture, Art History, and Bronze Casting

1985-1986 Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Master of Arts

1975-1979 Edgecliff College, Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. Art Education